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Chicago Teens Need Their Tails Beat


Wow! This video shows how backwards our society is. Teachers are not respected. Students are complete ignorant fools–broadcasting your ignorance to the world. Administration does not support the staff. Security is MIA when actually needed. Parents don’t train their kids to have any sort of respect for authority. It’s like this whole thing is one gigantic facade–a game with no prizes or winners.

When a single non-aggressive girl in South Carolina doesn’t put up her cell phone or leave the class (as she should have when asked), she is body-slammed by the school resource officer and violently dragged out of the classroom. She received a punishment that FAR outweighed whatever insubordination she gave.

However, when a group of students verbally abuse, threaten, curse, throw things at the teacher, get up in her face and break the chalkboard…acting like straight idiots making a mockery of themselves (foolishly equating the implementing of fear to manhood)….pretending that they are in charge…there’s not a single security guard or school resource officer in sight! No administration on the way. Just a terrified teacher trying to appease the monsters in the room.

What is wrong with this picture?

What is wrong with our kids? What is wrong with our schools? What is wrong with our sense of justice in our communities?

We need to put a stop to this mess once and for all. It isn’t a “them” versus “us” problem. It’s an accountability and reverence for ourselves and others problem. And unless we get this problem solved quickly, it’s going to lead to the complete destruction of our society.