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Pakistan earthquake causes island to appear

As further proof that we have absolutely no control over anything, today’s earthquake in Pakistan caused a small island to appear off the port of Gwadar.


Just like that.

The earth shook for a couple of seconds in Pakistan and out pops a brand new island.

That’s pretty amazing.

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Syria, Obama, and Putin

Syria is a ticking time bomb that has little to do with the tragedy of death and more to do with money, power, and respect. (Sounds like an old rap song).

Our enemies are fighting our enemies. The same government that has been killing its citizens with guns is now killing them with chemical weapons. It’s tragic. It’s unsettling. It’s disturbing. And this sickening killing of a country’s own citizens has been going on around the globe (in the Middle East, in Africa, in parts of Asia) for centuries.

Ask the Native Americans. Ask the souls of slaves. They can tell you that democide, the killing of people by its own government, was not created in Syria. The hands of our beloved nation are not clean either when it comes to democide.

So why Syria?

Why not Africa? Why not North Korea? Why not focus on reconciling a torn America? I’m not being facetious. I’m not saying that their lives are not precious in the sight of God, regardless of how media spins, conservatives hate, liberals cry, and religious groups chant against US. When it is in our power to do good, we should do it. Period.

But why Syria? Why now?

According to President Obama, this is why:

According to Russian president Vladmir Putin in a very well written piece for the New York Times, this is why.

I guess, somewhere in the midst of all of this dust and death is truth.  My prayer and hope is that it finds its way out before it chokes under all of the bickering and nonsense that we as Americans so love in our denial of reality.

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