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The first lady of song: Ella Fitzgerald

Happy birthday Mrs. Ella Fitzgerald. Rest peacefully in the Master’s arms.

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Your slave doesn’t want freedom–He’s just sick

People are idiots.

Certain people are special idiots.

And then there’s the educated special idiot racist who through his idiotic reasoning and scientific ignorance conjures up one of the most stupid half-witted idiotic psychological diagnoses that you’ve ever heard of…politely titled “Drapetomania.”

Read all about this educated doof’s scientific stupidity here.

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17. The Door to Hell

Most Odd - Facts of Interest


1971.A group of Soviet Scientists were rooting around the small village of Dervaza. The village crucially lies in the Ahal Province of Turkmenistan, an area known for its abundance in one useful resource… Natural Gas. They found it. A site was identified next to the village and preparations were made for the drilling rig and camp to be set up on site, so as to facilitate the gathering of the sweet, sweet combustible resource.

There was, of course, an incident.

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Iranian Military Chief Vows Support for North Korea against the US

Underneath all of the rhetoric, this is the stuff that truly concerns me.

Iranian Military Chief Masood Jazayeri said if North Korea goes to war with the US, the armies of Iran will fully support and defend North Korea in their war effort against “the great Satan.”

I wonder what other allies are in the shadows of N. Korea, waiting to redefine the balance of power in the world with an all-out war against US.

Granted, our hands are not clean..never have been. We are a nation of hypocrisy. Being blessed with wealth and success does not give us the right to police the world. However, standing up for the causes of the poor, less fortunate, and the defense of righteousness is something that transcends borders, economics, and belief systems. 

These are scary times. I pray that God protects our troops and the people living in these regions. 

Can’t we all just harlem shake it out and call it a night? Lol.

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r.i.p.: roger ebert 1942-2013

Roger Ebert.

Film critic. Smart-ass. Dreamer. Icon. Love him or hate him, he was a genuine man with a good heart who loved to tell it like it is. Be blessed in the arms of God Mr. Ebert. Until then…

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