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the 18 most suppressed inventions ever

For my conspiracy theorists out there, TruTV has a really interesting piece on the most suppressed inventions ever. Check it out.

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Dreadlocks stolen at club

This has got to be one of the most bizarre thefts I’ve heard of….well outside of the two guys in Atlanta that stole $65,000 worth of Tyson Chicken wings in broad daylight before the super bowl…

…that robbery aside, this theft at an African night club is horribly hilarious! People have truly lost their minds!!

Read MSN’s article about the dreadlock thief here

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sleigh bells: born to lose

The album is Reign of Terror.

The song is Born to Lose.

The band is Sleigh Bells.

Good music.

kids these days: traphouse rock

I don’t know much about this band, but I’m loving Kids These Days: Traphouse Rock LP.

It puts me in the mind of a more rockish Roots or a more hip-hop slanted Youngblood Brass Marching Band. My brother said they put him in the mind of Gym Class Heroes (which I can definitely see). Whichever way you want to label them, they’re definitely worth checking out.

NSFW or kids but melodic nonetheless…

Get Traphouse Rock here from the band’s website.

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Light Years

By Elizabeth Landau, CNN

The sun’s outer atmosphere, called the corona, is much hotter than its surface. The atmosphere’s temperature rises to millions of degrees, while the surface is only about 5,000 degrees Kelvin — a mysterious contrast, given that the atmosphere is farther from the sun’s hot core.

Scientists wanted to find out what energy source could be responsible for the inflated temperatures of the corona, which is where space weather — such as solar flares and coronal mass ejections that can interfere with your GPS — comes from.

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dad responds to “god-free” mom’s article

Read a father’s response to the article about a mom raising her children “free” from God and religion.

a household free from god

Here is an interesting article on penned by a woman who explains why she has chosen to raise her children without “God” or religion. Though controversial and I believe misguided and rooted in equal parts bitterness, sadness, and misinformation, this perspective is definitely gaining ground in many communities.

Without God, where is our hope? What a dreary existence this is…

Listen: solange “losing you”

Solange has found a good space with this joint.

It’s not going to stop the comparisons to older sister Beyonce. But it gives her artistic separation that not only fits her, but wields a uniqueness that she can definitely own. This is a good thing. Too often when we are in the shadows of greater limelight, it’s hard to create our own identity, especially when living in the arena other siblings built. That’s why we must create our own labels and step into ourselves. Regardless of what anyone says, by being you, you are already unique. Own you. No one can do you better than you.

Check out Solange “Losing You”

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