The roadmap of our thoughts

Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.”

We are headed in the direction of our thoughts.

Thoughts are seeds planted. Water them with action or concentration and they will produce tangible fruit in your life…both good and bad, positive and negative (depending on the thought).

But make no mistake, you want to know where you’re headed, examine the roadmap of your thoughts.

Compare them with your attitudes. Track the action behind them. You will see where you are and who you are becoming.

If you don’t like the direction you’re headed in, simply think something differently. Change happens from the inside out.

Studies show that it takes somewhere around 21 days for thoughts or actions to become habit. Why not take the opportunity now to form good, positive, healthy habits in your mind? You can take control of your life by taking control over your thoughts! But rather than trying to fake it till you make it, try to faith it as you pray it.

Think higher. Do more. Be more. Refine yourself.

Guard your mind. Your thought-life is the core of who you are.

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