end of the world billions of years away says chief astronomer for the Pope

Before you slam the lock shut on the bunker and tell the job where it can go, the Vatican has an 11th hour message for you: That whole Mayan Calendar-World-Coming-To-An-End thing that’s supposed to happen tomorrow, isn’t going to happen after all. In fact, the end of the world is at least a few billion years away.

Father Jose Gabriel Funes, an Argentinian Jesuit priest and Director of the Vatican’s Observatory, said contrary to what you’ve heard, if the world ends at all, it is certainly not going to be tomorrow or any time in the near future.

According to Funes, the doomsday and apocalyptic deluge flooding Internet circles and cultic sects has no scientific basis. Even if it did, for followers of Christ, death is not the end. So truly there is nothing to worry about….

…unless a gigantic asteroid comes hurdling towards Earth or a super-volcano erupts ushering in the trumpet events of Revelation 8:6-13….in which case, we are all seriously screwed :-).

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