Mystery ground shaking rattles South Jersey

The ground shakes violently in South Jersey and the effects are felt across the area. However, the military says “nope, not us.” The earthquake people say “nope not us.” Yet residents in several Southern New Jersey areas described the same ground level shaking event as occurring around the same time in their respective towns.

I’m not a big conspiracy theorist per se, but I try to be observant of the world in which we live.

With this in mind, I just find it odd that events like this are seemingly on the rise as we are beginning to be saturated with television shows of a survivalist or desolate America.

Why is there an increase in the number of movies and books related to a fallen America where residents must essentially fend for themselves because our government, economic, legal, and familial systems (and safety nets) have either disappeared, failed miserably, or been utterly defeated?

Is it just a fad?

Is it the residue of the 2012 Mayan calendar madness (that has mysteriously faded into oblivion as we near the end of 2012)?

Or is it the prelude to the writing on the wall—the all too familiar propaganda of media that is subconsciously preparing us for an unexpected series of events that the infamous “they” know is coming down the pipelines?

Maybe that is the real reason why America is relocating everything American to everywhere outside of America. Perhaps that is why the wealthiest 1 or 2% don’t really care about fixing America’s failing education system or focusing on a renewed American infrastructure.

Why should they invest in a peaked society when they understand that no society in recorded history has ever maintained preeminence and dominance indefinitely?

That’s why they don’t educate their children in our schools. That’s why their kids are indoctrinated into the cultures of the world (globalization). They know that the clock is ticking. They are the ones that set it! They understand that the supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park is overdue for a catastrophic event. The majority understands that the racial makeup  that has sustained and empowered their dominance has changed dramatically in recent years. The racist population control policies of planned parenthood have spread to their households leaving a sea of faces and ideals that outnumber those of their own.

Bob Dylan said it best when he sung that the times are a’changing. And it’s not just a few movies and books. Nor is it simply a few aftershocks from a mysterious rattling of the earth in Jersey. It’s a sign of changing leaves. It’s the precursors of a reckoning that America can’t escape.

We have always been a tale of two opposites in this country. The great ideal of equality for all accompanied by the atrocities of slavery. The building of a great nation on the bloodied backs of blacks. The welcoming of European immigrants and disadvantaged populations while the Native Americans are slaughtered in a trail of tears and poor refugees of a darker skin are told to return to their own shores.

Those who recognize the signs of the times understand that the majority don’t care about political bipartisanship because they don’t care about working together . They have no desire to see you or I or anyone else succeed. Those days are done. Their only concern is increasing their standing in their own bank accounts. That thought alone trumps America, patriotism, God, the NRA, education, health coverage, arts, sciences, welfare, the small business, Joe the plumber, the middle class and everything else.

So the ground shakes in Jersey. No one has any idea why.  What’s really going on….

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