Gay groups and “Homocon” welcomed to GOP convention despite platform

Nothing like a nice big helping of hypocrisy to get the day going.

Although I live in what used to be the gayest city in America according to, the South is not known for blazing trails of progressiveness in the area of social openness. I’ve heard preachers say when Republicans are in office that we need to pray for our leaders. However, when Democrats take over, the rhetoric changes to “a vote for Obama is a vote against God…a vote for murdering babies!” 

It seems that modern day preachers live a type of faith, mixed with politics to keep their pockets safe. They don’t care about affairs of men. They preach the gospel of Republican.

So it’s no surprise to me, considering the flack that Obama received from his open support of gay marriage, that the Republicans have touted the traditional definition of marriage heavily this election year while simultaneously inviting pro-gay right groups (and their money) to the Republican National Convention.

To me it truly shows where their value really lies. It’s not whether gays can marry or women can abort their babies. It’s all about protecting their money and investments. They are the party of themselves, for themselves, and beside themselves.

So in a year of Chik-fil-a protests and opinion-based bashing, why aren’t the talking heads talking about this?

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