Update: Chick-fil-A scares the crap out of America

Christians have turned into the new bigots.

By saying that the traditional definition of marriage as being exclusive to a man and a woman is what he believes, Dan Cathy (the CEO of Chick-fil-A) has pissed off all types of organizations, corporations, and politicians. Never-mind the fact that his stated support for male/female marriage has been the definition of marriage in practically every society since the inception of time.

Also, please overlook the scientific fact that never…and I mean never…have two naturally born men or two naturally born women in and of themselves pro-created. Every single person who has ever walked this Earth (straight or gay) is the product of contrasting gender unionization, or more easily stated–fertilization from the sperm of a male and the egg of a female—sweet Mother Mary’s baby Jesus aside. Please just sweep that mountain under the rug.

Chick-fil-A doesn’t support gay marriage.  And in American society, that means you have committed economic and social suicide.


Marriage has always been between men and women regardless of borders, cultures, ethnicities, registries or belief systems. You don’t agree with that. Okay. You don’t think I should be able to tell you who you can love. Cool.  You don’t think it’s fair that the same privileges and protections given to my marriage aren’t extended to you. Umm….you could legally set-up nearly everything the same as me through the use of lawyers, but ok. That’s neither here nor there.

My main issue is that as a society, you have become a protected class–sacred even. You have bullied your ideology into every aspect of life. You have made it so that you are above reproof. If I say I don’t agree with your lifestyle, I am being discriminatory. If I say that I don’t like your theology being introduced in my taxpayer funded education system, I am being phobic. If I say anything at all about you that doesn’t fall in line with your agenda, I am stereotyped as being prejudiced.

That is crazy! Since when did disagreement on your sexual preference become equivalent to the civil rights gained from the blood stained deaths and horrors of a racism that is still very much alive in this country?

I am not a Republican though I definitely agree with their pro-Life stance. I am not a Democrat although I voted for Obama and Kerry and Gore and Clinton. I think the Tea Party is full of sh*t for lack of a more couthful phrase. The Independents remind me too much of those anti-government guys with guns in the Mountains–you know what I’m talking about.

I am me. I am my experience. I am my faith. I am a believer. I am a thinker. I am not a racist.

So the Chick-fil-A guy doesn’t support same sex-marriage. So what? He’s not refusing you service. He’s not treating you any different or making you come through the back door. He’s not hanging you from trees or inciting violence against you. He’s not saying anything negative about you whatsoever. He simply doesn’t believe as you believe. Why not agree to disagree and keep it moving? Goodness. It’s just a chicken sandwich…a damn good one at that.

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