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Go to Hell Lady Gaga!

I’m not the biggest fan of Pokerface, but geez….have a little couth people. It doesn’t get any more straightforward than this.

Muslim men shout slogans during a rally against U.S. pop singer Lady Gaga outside the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, Friday.


LaDonna Adrian Gaines, a.k.a. Donna Summers, passes away at 63 years old

D*mn Junior!

Never really been a big football fan.

Sure I watch the Superbowl. Of course I catch a highlight or two on Sportscenter. But when it comes to fullback this or safety that…I’m just not that dude. But one name that definitely stood out during his time, even for a non-engaged fan such as myself, was Junior Seau.

To hear that Junior Seau died…quite possibly from suicide…just hurts my heart. And to send a text telling his kids he loved them before doing it sickens me even more.

With all due respect, where is love in this? Where is love in this act? What the hell happened to our perception of love in America?

Love is no more than a feeling to some people. It’s a high that can be controlled or evoked depending on the circumstances. With marriage, it seems like love is an emotion easily swept under the rug when it’s convenient to look the other way (away from your significant other and towards the arms of another person you’re “emotionally” connected to).

Love is a joke. It sickens me to hear the words spoken because truthfully, you don’t love me. You love yourself. You love what I can do for you. You love what I can do to you. But you don’t love me.

Love is service.

Love is action.

Love is grace and forgiving.

Love is warm and welcoming. Love is not deceitful.

Love is not beating someone over the head with your perspective and opinion.

Love is listening.

There is truth in love. There is integrity in love. I would adamantly argue there is sacrifice in love. Love is wisdom and love is safety.

Should all of these columns or attributes of love fall apart, love is a safety net to protect you from crashing down. And should love push you down, it will most certainly pick you back up again.

Love is spiritual and worth fighting for….at least I am still of that opinion today. We’ll see how I feel about love tomorrow.

Junior, you will be treasured and missed. Lessons will be spoken of (though I doubt if they will be adhered to). The family and children you’ve left behind will be prayed for and extended the grace of love.

Rest in peace in the Master’s Arms.