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Nice Day for a Hike

The CNN opening sounds intriguing enough, sympathetic even. “Safely back on American soil, freed Americans Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer on Sunday recounted their two years in “a world of lies and false hope” behind the walls of an Iranian prison.”

Speaking on their ordeal, the wrongly imprisoned hikers lucky to be alive said, “Releasing us is a good gesture, and no positive step should go unnoticed, we applaud the Iranian authorities for finally making the right decision regarding our case. But we want to be clear that they do not deserve undue credit for ending what they had no right and no justification to start in the first place.”

And I agree. The Iraqi government had no place to keep them imprisoned for that long over nothing. They had time unjustly stripped from life that can not be replaced. Frankly, these dudes are lucky to be alive.

But the real question is, what the h*ll were you doing hiking over there in the first place?

Was Everest packed that day?

Was the Appalachian trail not long enough?

Who goes hiking in the Middle East in the middle of a war knowing that the region is not quite known for its humanitarian efforts?

I’m glad you’re free. Praise God that you’re alive. But dude….the same way you say they have no right or justification to imprison you, you have no right to be hiking on the edge of their country knowing how they feel about us!

The sense of entitlement of the majority runs deep….if you know what I mean.