The Musicians Guide to Conquering Fear in Life

I had the pleasure of meeting Harry Pickens at the now defunct Jazz Factory in Louisville, KY last Christmas. Let me tell you, this “giant” of jazz is not only a personable and intelligent man, he is also a kick-ass pianist of many styles and hats.

His version of “Imagine”…yep…THAT “Imagine”, will have you in tears.

Simply amazing.

But anyway, from time to time, Harry does a workshop on overcoming fear and releasing the music that lies within.

If he could do that for me or at least teach me how to live my life in that mindset, I don’t think I could ever repay him. I would be eternally grateful to God for the wisdom He imparted into this man. But, blah…blah..blah, that’s another story for another day. Lol.

At any rate, I came across this youtube channel where Harry has a few clips from one of his workshops on moving “From Stage Fright to Standing Ovation.”

If you have ever struggled with this concept, this is a resource you owe it to yourself to watch. Click here to watch it. The session is divided into 9 parts, I believe. The first part is at the bottom right. Enjoy.

P.S., The Harry Pickens Trio cd, “The Shadow of Your Smile,” is definitely a cd you want to have in your collection when you’re with that special lady on a romantic night…if you know what I mean…oh yeah baby…Oh Yeah! Good looking out Harry! I’ve got one for the car and for the crib…just in case!


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