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The Musicians Guide to Conquering Fear in Life

I had the pleasure of meeting Harry Pickens at the now defunct Jazz Factory in Louisville, KY last Christmas. Let me tell you, this “giant” of jazz is not only a personable and intelligent man, he is also a kick-ass pianist of many styles and hats.

His version of “Imagine”…yep…THAT “Imagine”, will have you in tears.

Simply amazing.

But anyway, from time to time, Harry does a workshop on overcoming fear and releasing the music that lies within.

If he could do that for me or at least teach me how to live my life in that mindset, I don’t think I could ever repay him. I would be eternally grateful to God for the wisdom He imparted into this man. But, blah…blah..blah, that’s another story for another day. Lol.

At any rate, I came across this youtube channel where Harry has a few clips from one of his workshops on moving “From Stage Fright to Standing Ovation.”

If you have ever struggled with this concept, this is a resource you owe it to yourself to watch. Click here to watch it. The session is divided into 9 parts, I believe. The first part is at the bottom right. Enjoy.

P.S., The Harry Pickens Trio cd, “The Shadow of Your Smile,” is definitely a cd you want to have in your collection when you’re with that special lady on a romantic night…if you know what I mean…oh yeah baby…Oh Yeah! Good looking out Harry! I’ve got one for the car and for the crib…just in case!


This is America, Jack!!!

In a time when the working definition of “world” was confined to the people, places, things, and explicit laws of your community and surrounding regions, the idea of a true one-world government outside of your own governing body would probably get you labeled as a governmental heretic (a.k.a., witch; Christian; freak)  and burned at the stake before the week was up.

The global “world” as we know it was still being formed.

The history of the world has never really been all encompassing. It tends to follow the ancestry of those with the most power and preservation technology to present and popularize the public perspective and  perception of power and political prowess  that they want presented to the populous. (Wow…that was a whole lot of “P’s!”).

What I’m saying is that history tends to follow the people with the biggest sticks and loudest mouths.  So as long as you can hit harder and talk louder than your neighbors, you have carved out your “power” and “place” in history.

But does that mean that every inch of the world was under your authority?

Absolutely not.

What about those populations that hadn’t yet been “discovered?” Do you see what I’m getting at? It’s like the indigenous people of, let’s say Scotland, may not have ever heard of, or let alone seen the beautiful brown faces of South America or the gorgeous dark brows of Africa. Back in the day, they’d think you were a big doof if you even imagined stuff like this.

Well, the point in all of this is that during this prevalent and enduring culture of thought, there was a prophecy that stated a time was coming when the entire world would be ruled by a one-world government with a single-person appointed leader. Imagine how ridiculous this sounded nearly 2,000 years ago.

This would be like some random peasant in the 1300s having a prophetic vision that he called the “Internet” and then telling his fellow farmers and townspeople that “there is going to be a box with wires hanging out of it that’s going to connect us all man….it’s going to talk to us and look at us…and teach us man….and we can talk to people across the sea that we’ve never met and….and…with a mouse, we can, you know…have butt naked women at our beck and call…doing all kinds of good…really good stuff and….” lol.

Do you see what I’m saying? This dude would catch a stone to his dome and not see the sunrise again. But as time passes, when history catches up, this dude would be labeled as a f-n genius (a pervert, but a genius); a forward thinking man beyond his time.

So what am I talking about. Revelation. Plain and simple. John saw a vision of the end of the world where every inch of the globe would be subject to the authority of a one-world government.

There would be this huge but brief stint of peace followed by nightmarish apocalyptic destruction. And he had this vision during a time when the thought alone was unfathomable.

To his contemporaries and countless generations following, it sounded like John was hitting the peace pipe with some of that “killa” in it. He was delusional; a senile old man.  However, to those who are willing to discern the times, this centuries old prediction is increasingly becoming an inevitable reality outside of the religious realm. And with the “global economy” in the shape that it’s in, the move towards a one-world government is relentlessly becoming one of our only untapped options. Scary times.

Read this.

15 Seconds of Hell

I can hear it now.

In his most brazen Samuel Jackson voice, he looked coldly…deeply into his enemy’s eyes. And in this defining moment, he mustered up what little strength his bleeding heart had left and stoically shouted, “Do you know who I am? Huh! I SAID DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? WHAT’S MY NAME?”

So it was here, in the twilight of his life, the terminally wounded took one last stand and charged at his murderer leaping over walls of brush, bending trees with the speed of his anger, and in one final hoorah, he exploded his whole soul into the scared sh*tless body of the man who tried to kill him.

Welcome to 15 seconds of hell!


Well at least that’s how it went in my head. This story had me rolling. Not that I wish anything bad on this guy at all, but if you’re going to be hunting deer, make sure they’re dead when you shoot them.

It’s one thing to look at the old timid deer who takes off running when a leaf hits the ground. But it’s a completely different story when you piss them off. Deer are the original gangsters of the wood. Roaming free. Stealing food from off your plate. Always there in the shadows knowing every move you make. It’s crazy!

So let this be a warning to all. You don’t want to piss off Bambi.

If you do, you could end up like 49 year old Randy Goodman who nearly got scalped, punctured, and killed by an angry deer he shot, who bucked up and introduced him to 15 seconds of hell—deer style.