50 Cent Interview at the Breakfast Club

Parts 1 and 2 of 50 Cent’s interview with the breakfast club. Interesting stuff.

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Good news about the ‘spiritual but not religious’

Originally posted on CNN Belief Blog:

Opinion by Linda Mercadante , special to CNN

(CNN) –
Despite the ongoing decline in American religious institutions, the meteoric rise in people who claim to be “spiritual but not religious” should be seen positively — especially by religious people.

To accept this as good news, however, we need to listen to what they are saying, rather than ridicule them as “salad bar spiritualists” or eclectic dabblers.

After spending more than five years speaking with hundreds of “spiritual but not religious” folk across North America, I’ve come to see a certain set of core ideas among them. Because of their common themes, I think it’s fair to refer to them by the acronym: SBNR.

But before we explore what the SBNRs believe, we first need to learn what they protest.

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2013 year-end Atlanta radio ratings: V-103 shows vulnerability

Originally posted on Radio and TV Talk:

V-103 has been a powerhouse for much of the past two decades, virtually always at the top of the ratings, often by wide margins. Its huge number of loyal listeners were the envy of any station in any top 10 market. Over the years, it has successfully fended off aggressive attacks from rivals on the younger (Hot 107.9) and older end (Kiss 104.1, Majic 107.5 and Praise 102.5).

In the year-end 2013 Nielsen ratings, the station remains No. 1 among all listeners, 25 to 54 year olds and 18 to 34 year olds. It finished with a 7.8 share.

But not all is copacetic.

Last year, V-103 finished with an average of 7.8 share, a drop of 14 percent from 2012. The gap between V-103 and the No. 2 station was nearly two shares in 2012. By 2013, the gap had closed to less than a share. Ratings really only…

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Pakistan earthquake causes island to appear

As further proof that we have absolutely no control over anything, today’s earthquake in Pakistan caused a small island to appear off the port of Gwadar.


Just like that.

The earth shook for a couple of seconds in Pakistan and out pops a brand new island.

That’s pretty amazing.

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